Is it possible to view the accommodation?

If you are interested in one of our accommodations, we will first invite you for a viewing (in case the accommodation is available). This gives us the opportunity to meet each other, show you the accommodation and immediately answer any questions you may have. We prefer a viewing in person. If you are not yet in the Netherlands, a Whatsapp video viewing is also a possibility.

What is the possible rental period?

Most tenants rent for a period of 12-24 months. The rental price is also based on a  12-24 months rental contract. If you are interested in a shorter rental period, it is best to contact us via info@pensionbarendregt.nl.

Is an accommodation always rented out furnished and upholstered?

Our accommodations are all furnished and upholstered as a standard. Which means including the necessary furniture, lighting, window coverings and a finished floor. Any basic necessities such as kitchen supplies must be purchased by the tenant. The tenant receives one set of bed linen. There is a washing machine and dryer for shared use (payment by coin machine, dryer free of charge).

Booking process

Which documents do I need to provide when booking?

Tenants should provide proof of income. Please send a copy of the following documents when making the booking:

  • If you are employed, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, employment contract, last 3 pay slips;
  • If you are self-employed, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, proof of income (bank statements), KVK extract (Chamber of Commerce);
  • If you are a student, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, proof of study and guarantor statement.

What is the deposit amount?

The amount of the deposit depends on the rental price. For all of our accommodations the deposit is equal to two months rent.

This deposit remains in the management of the landlord until the tenant has delivered the accommodation after termination of the lease. In order to protect the deposit, the landlord will draw up an inspection report during check-in in consultation with the tenant. This report will be reviewed again during check-out.

Moving in

What is an inspection report?

An inspection report is drawn up during the check-in with the tenant. The report provides the tenant and landlord with clarity about the state of the accommodation upon moving in. Any defects are noted. In addition, photos are also taken of the accommodation. The tenant will receive a copy of the inspection report including photos by email. At check-out, the report will be reviewed with the tenant again.

Is registration with the Municipality possible?

If you are staying in the Netherlands for more than four months then you need to register with the municipality you are living in (in this case, the city of Rotterdam). For all of our accommodations it is possible for our tenants to register at the address. You can register in person, or online within 5 days of your arrival in the Netherlands. You need to fill in a tenancy agreement, you can find more information on the website of Gemeente Rotterdam.

Moving out

Why is it important to de-register?

Upon departing from the address and/or the Netherlands, our tenants need to de-register. We need a proof of your deregistration which you will receive from the municipality, mostly by email. After your check out and when we have received your proof of deregistration we will transfer back the deposit within 4 weeks. You can find more information about the deregistration process on the website of Gemeente Rotterdam.

How should the accommodation be handed over at the end of the rental period?

The accommodation must be delivered in the condition it was in at the time of the inception of the rental agreement. This is also drawn up in the inspection report. All personal belongings must be removed and the accommodation must be free of garbage and dust. The tenant is responsible for the end cleaning. The inspection report contains a checklist that must be complied with.