Rental request

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which documents do I need to provide when booking?

    Tenants should provide proof of income. Please send a copy of the following documents when making the booking:

    • If you are employed, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, employment contract, last 3 pay slips;
    • If you are self-employed, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, proof of income (bank statements), KVK extract (Chamber of Commerce);
    • If you are a student, send us: Copy of your passport or ID-card, proof of study and guarantor statement.

    Is it possible to view the accommodation?

    If you are interested in one of our accommodations, we will first invite you for a viewing (in case the accommodation is available). This gives us the opportunity to meet each other, show you the accommodation and immediately answer any questions you may have. We prefer a viewing in person. If you are not yet in the Netherlands, a video viewing is also a possibility.

    What is the possible rental period?

    Our accommodations are available per night, week or month.

    In case you are interested in renting per month, there is a maximum duration of 12 months.

    The rental price on the website is based on a 12 months rental contract.
    If you are interested in a shorter rental period, it is best to contact us via for a personal offer.